Professional Private Facility Locating
GPR(Ground Penetrating Radar) Services
Tracer Wire Verification(JEA GC#11 quailified)
Tracer Wire & Pull-String Installation
Site Utility Survey
Site Consultation
Locate Training
Damage Prevention Consulting/Training
White Lining Service
Cable/Sheath Fault Detection
Soft-Dig Services
AULC uses APWA color codes for all locate jobs,unless specified by customer
AULC is an Associate Member of the Sunshine State One Call system
AULC is a proud member of NULCA since 2005
We use Metrotech 810 , I-5000  & Vivax VLOC/Pro Line Locators
We use the Mala IXM Easy-Locator GPR machine,with MID & Shallow antennas